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April 4th - 4,935 active cases in Australia, 96 new cases in the last 24 hours, 585 total recoveries.

April 5th - 3,338 active cases in Australia, 139 new cases in the last 24 hours, 2,315 total recoveries. (1,730 recoveries in past 24 hours)

   Looked at these numbers at face value, the numbers for the first time went down from one day to a next. But a sudden 1730 recoveries in 24 hours is beyond belief. Changing medical definition, miracle, or tabulating error?

   Two weeks go, there were 1,609 cases on March 22nd, and 1,887 on March 24th, and being as I believe it's said that the virus can't last more that two weeks, the jump in numbers can merely mean that they've decided to suddenly declare everyone who was diagnosed more than two weeks ago to be recovered.

   It looks really promising but I think we need to wait a day or two before we start celebrating because it does seem pretty strange.

   Another number crunching thing I did was I compared the deaths per million of population in Italy (~250) with that of New York (~400). Obviously both areas have large areas that aren't as bad and then certain aeas that are really really bad but that seems to indicate New York is the hardest hit polity in the world (other than Italian enclave of San Marino, 943 deaths per million, but with only a population of 33,400 and 34 deaths its numbers are too low to reliably compare).
   In other news today was absolutely freezing. I wanted to go to the store because I'm out of ramen, milk, & bread, and I wanted to pick up ingredients to potentially make my own bread, but a combination of it being too bloody cold to set foot outside and the fact that I left my hand sanitizer at work (which is the opposite way from the grocery store) caused me to decide not to go.

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