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Some Good News in the World

04/11 2971 active cases in Australia, 89 new cases in last 24 hours
04/12 2916 active cases in Australia, 21 new cases in last 24 hours (which looks amazingly low but keep in mind it's easter weekend so there may well be less reporting or tallying.
   But Australia is clearly continuing to wind down the downward side of the slope!

   I've chosen to look for a decreasing number of active cases to get excited, and Australia and some other places deliver on that already. Most other places don't but if you look at a decreasing number of cases reported per day, which I think the media is focusing on in their analysis, both the US and the World appear to be plateauing in terms of new cases per day!

and apparently I cut off the label but this is the whole world:

   But of course the virus would have to be literally completely stamped out in a place before they could lift the quarantines and go back to life as normal, or else the curve will just start up all over again. The ideas about issuing "coronavirus passports" to people who have recovered and are immune and can therefore go to work is intriguing. It sounds a bit creepy/dystopian but I mean, you already have to show proof of Yellow Fever vaccination to enter many countries. I think it is possible some places will succeed in stamping it out entirely in a few weeks, though larger places like the US I fear it could take months if it ever comes to pass at all, and the greater hope will be for a vaccination.

   I wonder what's happening in North Korea. To my knowledge they haven't reported any cases, not that anyone would believe for a second anything they say, but they are so thoroughly autocratic I could see it going either way ... either a draconian lock-in or Kim Jong Un just looking at hte numbers and saying ah yeah I can afford to lose 2% of my population lets just sweep all these bodies under the rug and the rest of you keep on keeping on!

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