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Like Wildfire

1,293 active cases in Australia.

   So as I mentioned the other day, cases are really ramping up in Melbourne. A true "second wave," after weeks of single digits nationally now Melbourne alone has over a hundred new cases a day and trending upwards.

   Tuesday, I believe, they announced new lockdowns would be in place both to contain people within Melbourne and to prevent travel between Victoria and the neighboring states, to come into effect a little over 24 hours later, the following day's midnight. Not surprisingly this led to immediate traffic jams at the borders as people tried to get out while they can, as well as more traffic headed down here (Geelong, the Surf Coast, and my area). At present they haven't imposed any new restrictions on rural Victoria outside of Melbourne but my friends are all pretty sure that will happen in a few days, this seems to be roaring to life even faster than the first time.

   Also yesterday or today they announced a case at a supermarket in Geelong (the nearest large town, and an hour south of Melbourne so "the next town over" from there), as well as a case in the seaside town of Torquay where my friend Trent lives and works. Trent was feeling unwell yesterday but immediately went to get tested. Apparently, As our friend Ben dryly pointed out, he is obligated to self quarantine and not go to work once he's taken a test. Which, well yes you shouldn't be going out if you think you might have it, but to have it automatically triggered by taking a test is a disincentive to taking a test. Incidentally, shortly later, Ben, who works in Melbourne, someone at his work has come down with it so they've shut down work. "I'm not getting tested myself though" he said. "get tested!" we all said.

   Trent, btw, says after he had some of my honey he felt better, and no longer feels unwell at all. Nevertheless he's in self quarantine for (a mandated?) six days.

   So yeah, it feels like things are progressing rapidly here now.

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