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A Year Later

   A year ago today Australia entered coronavirus lockdown. At that time there had been 2,136 confirmed cases, people had only just begun to wear masks, and the grocery stores were surreal places with big gaps on the shelves where pasta and flour had been, mostly empty produce sections, and of course a completely empty toilet paper section. None of us had any idea how long it would last but if we were to venture a guess I'm pretty sure we would have all wildly under-estimated.
   Melbourne enacted the "ring of steel" quarantine that was one of the longest and most stringest lockdowns in the world. And as a result of these measures, we haven't had widespread community transmission in about five months now, and life is pretty much back to normal without even much vaccination (I think the doctors have been vaccinated but I haven't heard a thing about general public getting vaccinated at all). Masks are still common but there are very few instances when it's still required (public transit maybe?).

   In the United States vaccination is going forward as fast as possible, with, I believe, most older people vaccinated and my teacher friends are all getting vaccinated these days. Community spread in the US still seems to be pervasive.

   And in Venezuela, official news is sketchy, but they are once again on a very strict lockdown, Cristina seems to practically live at the hospital working 6 days a week, she's received her first vaccination dose (the Russian one) but not yet the second, and she reports some doctors havent' even been vaccinated yet. In a hospital where pre-corona they seemed to lose a patient once a month and Cristina would be pretty bummed about it, they lost 22 patients to coronavirus this past weekend alone.

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