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Epic Roadtrip 2008 -- Prepare for Departure!!

   You may be wondering what happened with that roadtrip I was planning. Well it was pushed back. The new start date is August 25th (this Monday, ie tomorrow!)

Current participants are:
Myself (obviously)
Janelle Bel Isle
Ben Shapiro - A lad who just rode his bike from Ohio to San Francisco! (trip up only)
An 18 yr old lad named Brett
Brett's girlfriend (maybe?)
Malaika Millions (yes thats an IMDB link, google her!) (trip down only)
(4.5 people each way (Brett's gf being maybe I'm counting as half))

Basic Itinerary:
Day 1: August 25th, Monday - OC to SF, hopefully with time to cause a ruckus in SF that evening
Day 2: August 26th, Tuesday - SF to circa Eureka, CA
Day 3: August 27th, Wednesday - Through Eugene and Salem to Portland
Day 4: August 28th, Thursday - Spending the day mucking around Mt St Helens & Mt Rainier! Camping!
Day 5: August 29th, Friday - To Seattle!
Day 6: August 30th, Saturday - Vancouver?
Day 7: August 31st, Sunday - Vancouver to West Mt St H
Day 8: Sept 1st, Monday - Down to the Colombia River mouth
Day 9: Sept 2nd, Tuesday - Through Bend Oregon and into Nor Cal
Day 10: Sept 3rd, Wednesday - Through Chico to Davis
Day 11: Sept 4th, Thursday - Davis to SF
Day 12: Sept 5th, Friday - SF to OC

So if you're on our route, clear you schedule on the date(s) we're passing through, and drop me a line if you want to meet up!

Also, if you're interested in hearing about the roadtrip while in progress, I suggest you friend my other lj emosnail - I'll probably be updating that one more frequently. Last time I went on a roadtrip I was able to update with pictures just about every day. Or for that matter if you just want to see the pictures keep an eye on my flickr account

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