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Stuck at Work & Firing the Nukes

   The nukes are ready for launch!

   Er, I mean nucs. Many people get their first bees by buying these small "nucleus hives" from established beekeepers such as my boss. And then people come in having apparently only read the word and ask for "nucks" and it's pretty funny (it's definitely pronounced nukes). Also el bossman has an amazing cactus garden.

   I had to deliver a nuc after work the other day so to make sure Ii didn't forget I put a post it note on my dashboard reminding me to "nuke Dean's Marsh."

   This three dimensional piece of art one of my coworkers made (and then modestly left anonymously, not claiming credit!) is hard to properly appreciate from mere pictures, but here's another angle. It's remarkably well balanced.

   The mug there is actually the result of an earlier prank. George had written "FUCK OF DO NOT USE" (sic) on it (and it had been my intention for that side to by facing the viewer in its official art shot but apparently I messed that up in some last minute rearrangement), and then while he was absent the next day I had drawn hearts all over it. Then this other coworker hanger-on at work (seriously he doesn't actually work there but voluntarily does gardening I think mainly because he's bored and lonely) wrote the "ok princess" on it which I thought was actually a bit in poor taste (the hearts are just funny, but the ok princess could be seen as insulting). Then as a second stage after George had been amused by these additions I took the very cheeky step of drawing a penis on the underside (a major risk at a workplace I know but I was certain I'd gauged the workplace atmosphere to be accepting on this), and, as anticipated, it was weeks before someone sitting across from him one day when he downed his cup was like "hey you know there's something under your cup?" and everoyne laughed uproariously upon it's discovery.
   Also I think it's important for proper appreciation of this artwork to know that that mug is filled with shit instant coffee.
   I have no idea if this constitutes "mixed media" or other aspects of whether or not it's a proper art sign, I made it at the end of the day today (the sign that is. The glue bottle glued to a hammer I had found nearby and simply arranged beside the coffee cup which was already there), so have not yet gotten any reactions from coworkers about the signage.

Tags: edmonds honey, mischief, pranks, shenanigans, work

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