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LJ Idol - Zero Week - Introduction

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair - just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with the picture.


   For this LJ Idol thing I am supposed to write an introduction. The first thing I feel I should get out there is I have never seen American Idol. Not once, not a minute of it. So the way some of the rules of this thing are explained I feel assumes one is familiar with that show, and I am not at all (what in the name of cthulhu is "the green room"?!), so bear with me.

   I don't believe in telling you who I am. I am more interested in who you decide I am after your own observation. In fact that fascinates me.

   But some basic facts. I graduated UC Davis two years ago with a degree in International Relations (emphasis on Peace & Security, Russia / Eastern Europe), and minors in Communications, History, and Poli Sci. I am presently putting this education to good use working full time as a beekeeper.

   I am currently located in Orange County, California, but constantly plotting to get out. Latest plots: (1) State Department job app has made it through the first round of screening, if it goes through I'll be sent to a random embassy and moved around constantly, sweet! (2) If that doesn't go through I've got a Peace Corps app going on and they're desperate for beekeepers so I'm optimistic I'll get in, will probably be sent to Malawi to live in a mud hut for two years, which sounds like a jolly adventure! (3) In the mean time after my recent epic roadtrip I'm applying for jobs around the Portland area because it seems awesome up there.

   Otherwise I like photography, travelling, camping, roadtrips, adventure, linking to things, and texting (not while driving trains). It vexes me that my phone ALWAYS capitalizes the 'Y' in "you're" and I also dislike non-indented first lines of paragraphs and non-justified alignment of pages of text. (=

   I'm presently counting down until Epic Roadtrip 2009 (appx 49 weeks to go!) and 30 in 30 VI.

There will be pictures.

In this case I had the opportunity to catch a photo of the city of Newport Beach getting nuked.

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