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The Making of Post 2 - An Outtake

On the subject of things we do or do not care about, the following conversation came about both while I was doing my usual interviews for opinions on the topic, and also involved specifically divergent opinions on what one should care about, so I thought I'd throw it up on the ole LJ.

[18:24:17] Snail of DEATH: also I don't think Palin is cute, but everyone who plays her in parodies is!!
[18:24:26] neubedlam: heck yes
[18:24:46] Snail of DEATH: Tina Fey as her, and whoever this is, both adorable. haha

[18:47:14] neubedlam: I'm looking at the Ducks salary numbers, and I noticed something horrifying. Moving Samuel Pahlsson would fix their cap problems.
[18:47:21] neubedlam: If they do that I'm abandoning that fucking team.
[18:47:24] neubedlam: I don't care.
[19:29:35] Snail of DEATH: so
[19:29:37] Snail of DEATH: free trade
[19:29:38] Snail of DEATH: awesome
[19:29:38] Snail of DEATH: or
[19:29:40] Snail of DEATH: awesome
[19:29:40] Snail of DEATH: ?
[19:29:59] neubedlam: I'll find a way to make you care about hockey.
[19:30:03] Snail of DEATH: ahahahha
[19:30:06] neubedlam: Beer and hot chicks, and men beating each other up?
[19:30:07] neubedlam: COME ON.
[19:30:10] neubedlam: HOW CAN YOU SAY NO.
[19:32:25] Snail of DEATH: /=
[19:32:32] Snail of DEATH: wait there are hot chicks involved?

Totally Unrelated Picture of the Day

My official post should go up tomorrow morning. So far nearly everyone I've run it past has been offended by or completely disagreed with my stance so look you can look foward to that ;)
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