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Week 3 / Topic 2 Voting!

Tribal Inequalities

   At the close of this poll, the bottem 4% of Tribe 1 will be knocked off, 2.4% of Tribe 2, 2% of Tribe 3, 5.6% of Tribe 4, and 3% of Tribe 5. This is because the last person is being knocked off of each bracket and they consist of 25, 41, 51, 18, and 33 writers, respectively.
   Now I'm sitting very pretty since all I have to do is be better than at least one of the 50 other writers in Tribe 3, but I sure am glad I'm not vying with only 24 others, or a mere 17 in the unenviable position of Tribe 4.
   What did these writers do to put themselves in such danger? Merely have smaller friends lists!!

   I submit to you that THIS MAKES NO SENSE, and that the people with smaller friends lists should NOT be penalized. If anything, the people with the bigger friends lists (which again would include myself) should be the ones things are stacked against.

   I think the contestants should be divided into brackets of 33 or 34 each, based solely on friends-of size (no moving people around just because they got a lot of votes for their friends-of size, if they're good for their size they're good for their size).

/rocking the boat

   Having read through the writers in my bracket, I would like to recommend to the commentariat that the following entries are highly worth reading:
On the Topic of Things They Don't Care About:
lifeinamarble - Apathy Alert Table
boxsofrain - E. coli and S. pyogenes
hexkitten - Donkey Noises and How to Avoid Them
just_the_ash - "My Apathy, Let Me Show You It"
sabbysteg - Things Sarah Palin Didn't Care About, But Should've
mshades - Some Observations Gleaned From Time Travel
darkprism - [Some Fictive Prose]
and of course...
emo_snal - The ITS/IT'S Rule (well that wasn't my official entry but I think I liked it better)
   So go forth and read these excellent entries and then vote for them.

Note to LJ-Idolators: While I've read all of Bracket 3 I've read very few of the other brackets. I hope to get around to it but in the mean time please advise me of entries I should be aware of! And again feel free to promote yourself in the comments!

Completely Unrelated Picture of the Day

Fun with sepiatone at the Irvine train station
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