Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Return to Seattle

   Being as nearly a month has passed since I last went on vacation for more than a week, I am way overdue! (Have I mentioned my job is pretty awesome?) Consequently, tomorrow I will be scampering off to Seattle to visit my friend Janelle for a week.

   For you, LJ world, this means that I'll likely be using my one free pass in LJ Idol not to write next week. But I'll still see if I can cram time for an entry in somewhere.

Picture of the Day!


   Sorry for the huge size of the picture. Smaller sizes of this one just don't seem to do it justice.

POLL of the Day! Just to torture you edition

Poll #1276457 If you had to choose one:

for President:

George W Bush
Sarah Palin
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