Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
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LJ Idol - Topic 5 - Ghosts

   The window faded away and Jenny was enveloped in darkness.

   She arrived at the top of the back staircase. The hallway was dark. Trembling with emotions she did her best to stay steady and creep down the hallway silently.
   She was filled with excitement and terror at the same time. If everything went smoothly she’d be running away tonight. She’d be meeting her boyfriend Brandon in the park a block away and they would get out of here. Needless to say, this was an exciting and terrifying undertaking.
   And then there was her ex, Tom. A major reason for her quietly getting the hell out of town. He had been acting extremely creepy lately and was frankly starting to really scare her. To say he wasn’t taking her having a new boyfriend very well would be an understatement.
   So Jenny was anxious to get out of this small town and start fresh somewhere completely different.
   Jenny crept through the dark hallway as quietly as possible. Windows at the ends of the hall filled it with an eerie pale blue light. In the middle another hall led off to her left towards the front of the house. Jenny was concentrating on not making the floorboards squeak in the old house. Silently she proceeded down the hall one step at a time.
   Coming to the other hallway Jenny looked up and froze. At the other end of the hall there stood a little girl staring at her. Jenny did not know this little girl. Jenny felt a wave of supernatural dread, and the girl was gone.
   “Nerves.” Jenny told herself. She was nervous about getting out without waking her parents, she was nervous about making it to the park without something going wrong. She must be imagining things.
   More quickly (but fortunately just as silently) Jenny moved down to the end of the hallway. From the spare room on the right you could get out the window and down the tree without alerting anyone. She and Tom had formerly used the route for rendezvous. She stealthily slipped through the doorway.
   Excellent the window was already open. She made her way through the dark room to the window. Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind with a hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream.
   “I’ll never let you go” whispered Tom’s voice fiercely. Jenny struggled but to no avail, he held her too tight. Jenny felt like she was about to explode with her desperation to escape, but everything was fading fast.
   The window faded away and Jenny was enveloped in darkness.

   Eight year old Sarah huddled between her parents as they watched TV. “There’s no such thing as ghosts honey” her mom gently consoled her. But children will be skittish so the parents smiled at one another and let Sarah fall asleep feeling protected between them, and turned their attention back to the 41st season of American Idol. Where the TV now stood, the back staircase had been eliminated over thirty years prior in a remodel. Nevertheless, for the thousandth time…

   She arrived at the top of the back staircase....

   So if you haven't figured it out its a ghost encounter from a ghost's perspective.
   Funny story: I took a nap while trying to hammer out plot details and specifically I think the girls name. When I awoke The Killers - Jenny was playing on my playlist, which is of course about a girl named Jenny getting murdered. So I ran with the name.
   And yes it takes place in the year 2040. So the ghost is from prior to 2010. Figured while I was at it I'd also twist the usual Story-takes-place-contemporarily,-ghost-is-from-the-past to have the ghost contemporary with us.
   I'm always doing things I think are clever but no one notices. You probably noticed the last line of the story is the first of the Jenny narrative, did anyone notice that the first line of the story is the last line of the Jenny narrative? I did this because her story is repeating and repeating see... /=

Tags: fiction, future, ghost stories, ghosts, in the future, lj idol entry

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