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LJ Idol - Topic 9 - Giving Thanks

   I'd like to start out by thanking the e key on my keyboard for beeing extremely sticky and spicing things up with lots of extra Es. Rather than go mad backspacing and deleting them all I'm just going to leeave them.

   Secondly I'd like to thank my browser for crashing on me and losing my entry. Writing this twice will probably be really good for me.

   I'd like to thank my older brother for always making fun of me. As a consequence of growing a hard skin to this I pretty much never lose my temper. (And he's kind enough to continue to this day)

   I'd like to thank my little brother for always fighting with me when we were growing up. The few times I've gotten in fights I've found I had substantially more experience than the other person (and since usually the other person has lost their temper and I have not I've made a show of blocking all their attempts to hurt me with extreme ease until they get dragged screaming away by whomever has taken it upon themself to break up the "fight"). Now my little brother is a US Marine and police officer.

   I'd like to thank UC Berkeley and UCLA for not accepting me, making UC Davis an easy decision. I liked Davis more from the start anyway.

   I'd like to thank people like Kalen "Choice voting is a disease!" Gallagher who had prevented choice voting from being instituted yet in student government at Davis (ASUCD) when I ran for Senate. Of six "Lead" candidates and six "Focus" candidates, and one independant (me), the six open seats were all filleed by Lead (sweeping with like 30% of the vote). Instead I ended up on the ASUCD Supreme Court where I haunted generations of senators.

   I'd like to thank the Chiefe Justice prior to me for having a psychotic sense of justice and deciding for no legitimate reason I couldn't sit on the first case (I was "too new") and not accepting my subsequent case against her -- if she'd been less difficult I wouldn't have had her impeached and become the Chief Justice in her stead.

   I'd like to thank ASUCD President Sara Henry for the first timee she tried to impeach me -- if I hadn't felt the sword of damocles hanging over my heead I probably wouldn't have run the court in such a professional mannere, which I can now look back on and be thoroughly proud of.

   I'd like to thank Sara Henry for the second time she tried to impeach me -- it made my livejournal famous throughout the town. Seriously for months after I'd pass compleetely random people discussing the latest in emosnail.

   I'd like to thank the Senate for the third time theey tried to impeach me -- it just made me feel good about myself. I was able to condescendingly tell the 12 most self important peoplee at Davis that they hadn't even called the impeachment right and would have to end it immeediately, watch them reetreat in disarray, and the political party that called it subsequently collapse. That was seriously just awesome.

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