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LJ Idol - Cracking Up 2 - A Guide to Laughing on the Internet

   This also is not an official LJ Idol entry. In fact, its not even mine and its not even "home game" -- the writer probably hasn't even heard of LJ Idol, BUT, I think this is the perfect entry for the subject of "Cracking Up". I bring you apoplecticfittz's....

A Guide to Laughing on the Internet

I see a lot of laughing on the Internet. It is certainly a part of the culture of the Internet, as bizarre as that seems. We have LOLcats, for heavens sake. And you know, you all do it too with your hehs and your hahas. Even you, Mr. ahahahahaahahahahahahha and your excitable laugh. I do it. I can admit it. The thing is, I'm pretty sure it is all pretty disingenuous. You aren't really LOLing when you "LOL". And you know what, fuck you "LMAO" person. You didn't really laugh your ass off. I'm fairly sure of it. It would hurt and how would you sit?

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Tags: apoplecticfittz, lj idol, other people's entries

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