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Twitter Brewing!

   Generally speaking, I agree with superhappytime, that Twitter is strange and useless. I really really don't understand the popularity of it.

   I set up a twitter account awhile ago to see what the fuss was all about and months, 94 updates, and 21 "followers" later, I still don't really get it.

   However, I use it if I feel like exclaiming something that isn't really worth actually telling someone, just for my own amusement. Or if I'm going on a roadtrip I advise concerned parties (such as my mother) that I'll update my progress on twitter, since its convenient for that.

+ Brewing
   Anyway, right now I'm brewing up some beer ("Coffee and Cream Oatmeal Stout"). Usually I rope someone into hanging out with me while I do it to keep me company, however I'm doing this batch all on my lonesome, so you, noble LJists, get to keep me company! And/or follow along at home! Thats right, I'm gonna give you a play by play via twitter! Actually I just realized as long as my laptop is handy I might as well do it via comments to this entry or under a cut here (thoughts on this?) hmm.
   Also feel free to just hang out in the comments and keep me company. (=

   Anyway, presently I'm bringing circa 3 gallongs of water to a boil in my stainless steel 5gal pot.
   Turn your attention to for further progress. (=

Tags: brewing, twitter
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