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Graphing Magick?

   With all the polling going on in the various corners of lj, esp for competition related things, I was wondering, does anyone know if anyone's written a programme that automatically tracks polls? And makes graphs out of the data maybe?

   So I've been tracking the latest LJ Idol poll. Trying to look at it about once an hour and note the vote totals of the some five individuals*, the lowest and 10th lowest (since the bottom ten are getting eliminated) in a spreadsheet on excel.
   When it comes to making a graph out of it I can make a line graph with each person as a separate line and vote numbers as the Y axis, but I can't figure out how to make the X axis time rather than subsequent iterations of my checking standing. Fortunately the iterations are relatively consistent but there's a few big gaps.
   Anyone have any advice on the arcane secrets of graph making? All the graph making options excel gives seem pretty incomprehensible. /=

Picture of the Day

Still Life

   So I received my barrel (did I mention I was getting a barrel). It's an adorable 5 gallon american oak barrel, charred inside a la a whiskey barrel. I've been trying to decide what to put in it. I've been told by several experienced distilling/brewing people that the higher surface to volume ratio of a barrel of this size will give the effect in two weeks of years of aging in a normal 53 gallon barrel. (=

Also in other administration news, one of my favourite people got this lj a paid account <3 apparently they were tired of me complaining about my limited icon options :D

* well the highest and 2nd highest, who happen to be individuals. In the unlikely case that someone replaces them in those positions I'm not sure if I'll follow the new 1st and 2nd or keep following these two. Thats unlikely anyway I think. The other three are myself of course and two of my favourite idolists. (=
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