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Prequel to LJ Idol Entry

   In February 1754, 41 Virginian colonists began constructing a fort at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers at what is now Pittsburgh in Western Pennsylvania, in order to stake Amero-British claim to the region over French aspirations.

   Fort St George was only half complete, when in April of that year some 500 French troops arrived from the North and ordered the Virginians to return home. The French then built Fort Duquesne in place of Fort St George.

   Already en route to reinforce Ft St George, a young Lieutenant Colonel named George Washington made camp 37 miles southeast of Fort Duquesne to await further orders in lieu of destination no longer existing.
   Under strict orders not to attack the Virginians unless provoked, the captain of the French force sent one of his lieutenants, Joseph Coulon de Villiers de Jumonville, with 45 men, to make contact with Washington and deliver him diplomatic papers asserting French claim to the land and demanding he withdraw.

   Washington's indian allies advised him of the approaching group of Frenchmen. With 40 militiamen an 12 indian warriors (including Iroqois leader Tanacharison), Washington marched overnight to the encampment of the incoming Frenchmen. There the Amero-British took up positions behind rocks around the camp and at 7am on Washington's order opened fire on the camp. 10-12 Frenchmen were killed, 2 wounded (including de Jumonville) and 21 captured. Washington's forces lost one man.
   The wounded Jumonville managed to serve the diplomatic papers on Washington before being executed by Tanacharison.

   Writing to his brother following the bloodbath, Washington wrote: "I can with truth assure you, I heard bullets whistle and believe me, there was something charming in the sound."

   Back in Britain news of "the Jumonville Affair" evoked shock and disgust. One British statesmen described "a volley fired by a young Virginian in the backwoods of America [that] set the world on fire."

   And thus, the French & Indian War began.

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