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   The LJ Idol polls are up early this week, and I am.. not in them anymore. However, now that I am no longer in the game, I am free to tell you who I recommend reading and voting for, without having to fear that idolists will retaliate for my noninclusion of them by not voting for me when they otherwise would have.

   Like last week, idolists were givin two topics to choose from, and then in the vote were only competing directly with those who chose the same topic as them. I'm going to address the first topic this morning, and a similar post should follow tomorrow regarding the second topic.

   Here is the first bracket (Achille's Heel):

Poll #1356258 LJ Idol, Season Five – Week Twenty-Two: Achilles Heel
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


If you're anxious to get on to the other poll / bored out of your mind and searching for more reading material, it can be found here.

   I recommend the following as worth the read if you have the time:

1. alexpgp's entry: "On Specialization.." - An excellent piece of human specialization. The only one in this bracket I have absolutely no constructive (or unconstructive!) criticism to offer.
2. monkeysugarmama's entry: Drinking Away the Seven Deadly Sins - even if a bit long, I think its delightful if you have the time.
3. brightflashes' entry: September 11th 1973 - Historical fiction, its good for you.

More Analysis
Of the bracket that wrote about Achilles Heel (9 persons):
   67% wrote narratives
   44% wrote personal narratives
   1 wrote an essay
   2 wrote something which didn't fit easily into either the essay or narrative category (Kittenboo & RM), and I'm still trying to figure out how to classify these things.
   Only 1 wrote fiction (Monkeysugarmama)
   1 wrote historical fiction
   2 were about exes
   2 were about sex
   2 were about abuse
   2 were about parents
   3 (33%) I classified as "too long." (hey this is LJ Idol, not Short Story Idol! People's attention spans don't normally run 9 and 10 pages when they're perusing blogs ... unless its for a blog writing contest apparently (but for example I'm not going to recommend you 9 and 10 pagers to my friends list because they just aren't going to jump into your mini-novel) )

   I try to resist dishing out unsolicited constructive criticism because I'm not sure it would be appreciated. If you're interested though, as noted, I think I have some for every single entry in this bracket other than Alex's.
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