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LJ Idol Polls - Scapegoat

   Yesterday I was standing in the middle of a 75 hive beeyard working, surrounded by bees, when I got a call. The office informed me that someone was posting on the OC Weekly saying we didn't have any bees. It would be funny if it wasn't so stupid.
   Anyway, see this post for more about that headache.

   As you may recall, I posted the other day about the first half of this week's LJ Idol polls. Today I bring you the other half. They wrote about "Scapegoat," and the poll close in only 3.5 hours (4pm my time).

Poll #1356259 LJ Idol, Season Five – Week Twenty-Two: Scapegoat
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

   Additionally I wrote about this topic in my "home game" entry.

   emo_snal recommendations are made entirely on a basis of whether or not the entry would be an interesting read to Joe Average Reader who is just looking for something worth reading. Disqualification for recommendation therefore usually occurs for being too long, with the second biggest cause usually being a lack of having "a point" interesting enough to warrant reading. emo_snal recommends reading the following persons this week from this bracket:

1. boxsofrain's entry: The Possession of Love - Well written, just scandalous enough to keep dying to know where its going, and a very creative take on the topic.

Analysis of This Bracket
   10 persons chose to write about "Scapegoat" (as opposed to 9 for "Achille's Heel." of those that wrote about Scapegoat:
   90% wrote narratives
   60% wrote personal narratives
   1 wrote an essay style entry (Scienter)
   3 wrote fiction
   4 (40%!) were "too long" (I considered assigning a objective word or page count to "too long," but really the length changes depending on how engrossing the writing is)
   2 I have as my primary notation that it just wasn't interesting
   1 I classified as an "epic fail." And no I'm not going to tell you which one it is, that is too mean (even for me ;D ), but it was also too long.
   1 had a disconcerting lack of character introduction that totally bungled an otherwise good story.
   3 wrote about sex
   2 wrote about abuse

Analysis of This Week on a Whole
   78.9% wrote narratives
   63.2% wrote personal narratives
   21.1% wrote fiction
   10.5% wrote essay entries
   5.3% (ie 1) wrote historical fiction. (again, good work Brightflashes ;D )
   10.5% wrote about exes
   15.8% wrote about sex
   10.5% wrote about abuse
   10.5% wrote about parents
   2 I classified as: OMGWTF O_o

Weekly Saturday Morning Drama Deep-Fry
   There was a large discussion in the LJ Idol community the other day where people were claiming (1) "there's too much drama" and (2) Gary (the Administrater) needs to make a post outlining 'ground rules'"
   In re (1): I am extremely curious what this drama everyone is talking about is as I have not seen it. I gather one prominant idolist apparently witnessed someone saying they didn't like her personally and is acting like it's the apocalypse, but is there anything else? Like, seriously, I'm at a total loss as to what people are talking about.
   In re (2): I absolutely disagree that Gary should post some kind of kindergarten set of rules. I know of at least three Idolists who have expressed that they didn't like me PERSONALLY (blueashke, xo_kizzy_xo and spydielives (this last later retracted)), and, as the saying goes, I'll defend to the death their right to express such things. Oh and Dennis called me a cunt in a comment to my last entry, should I go crying to Gary about it?
    We're all adults here and if you can't handle the harsh reality of things, maybe you shouldn't be here. People already make fun of LJ Idol as being too free of criticism, if kindergarten style behaviour rules are established, the community will be a real joke.
    Note 2b: I applaud Gary for his handling of situations heretofore.
    Note 3c: Maybe you disagree with me, and maybe you think I am an ogre for expressing the opinions I just have. I welcome and encourage you to post exactly what you think of me whereever the hell you feel like doing so. I, for one, can handle it.
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