Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L. (emo_snal) wrote,
Echidna Media Organization project S.N.A.L.

Quick Notes

Creepy moment of the day: I was eating dinner just an hour ago when suddenly the door to the yard shook as if someone was trying to open it. Not slower rattle of the wind (there was no wind), and not an earthquake (I looked at the hanging objects around me to see if they were swinging), but the hard jerky motion of someone trying to pull, push, and pull the door in quick succession. It only lasted a few seconds.
   It was pitch black outside so I couldn't see anything but needless to say when I got up and peered through the glass I couldn't see anything out there. I'm pretty sure it was probably either a possum or something running into the door or the cat running into it from my side (she could have done so without me seeing, the table obscured my view of the bottom of the door at the time). While I was investigating, the cat was staring intently at something outside I couldn't see.

Teaser of the day: While in the shower just now I finally came up with an idea for my "home game" (unofficial, noncontestant) entry for this week's LJ Idol topic ("the best thing") -- thatched roofs. (=

Creepy moment of the yesterday: Sunday morning I happened to feel something floating around in my mouth so I fished it out. Much to my utter shock however, upon examination it appeared to be a small tapered object with orange and black stripes, with a tiny sac on the wide end of the taper. Ie it looked exactly 100% like a bee stinger.
   What a bee stinger would be doing in my mouth, UNNOTICED, I really really cannot fathom. I was extremely baffled. I examined it as carefully as I could and it certainly looked like a bee stinger.
   Now the above rattling door story to me is just kind of a "heh some might consider that creepy" story, but this, this is weird. Twilight zone weird. My only rational explanation is the obvious "I have misidentified it, it is just a piece of food that looks shockingly similar to a bee stinger, and you are gross for posting about food you found in your mouth." But seriously. O=

Awesome moment of the otherday: I got to fire a black powder rifle. It was fun. Had gone to the shooting range with my friends. They brought a variety of guns but after trying my hand at all of them I ended up spending the most time on my friend's black powder rifle, seeing how fast I could get the reload down to (for the non-gun-inclined, think of a revolutionary war musket, where they have to pour in the powder and then ram the shot down the barrel for each firing)

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