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New Website!

   You have probably gathered by now that I'm a beekeeper. Well the other side of our company, and actually the larger money maker by far, is bee control under the company name Bee Busters.* Apparently some people think this makes us all bloodthirsty speciecidal maniacs.**

   Anyway, we are in the final stages now of launched a new website (compare to old one). We basically have the near-final form up and are trying to identify problems, revisions, or further improvements.
   As such, if you could take a look at it and advise me of ANY comments you have on anything from typoes, to better ways to phrase things, things that should be explained further, or stylistic ideas about the formatting of the page. Ie, anything about it.
   Also, you might find the pages on bees (& other hymenopterids) interesting and informative. They were all written by either myself or our office manager Amy.
   Gratuitous fact to get your attention and encourage you to check out the website: I think the swarm on the main page looks like a scrotum

* thats right, not only do I not ever change names, but I'll flout the internet taboo about saying where I work. Thats how I roll. And the blog referenced in that stupid article? Yeah thats me.
** If you wanted to leave comments to the aforementioned article, one can do that, and supportive comments are always appreciated. Feel free to note that it sounds like the article is very slanted against David Marder / Bee Busters and that commenter "Bob" sounds like he needs to take a chill pill. (=

Tags: bee busters
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