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Weekly Vote & Drama-que!

   It's that time of the week! LJ Idol polls are up, and that means its also time for my weekly drama-que (polls will be closed already by our usual time of Sat morning). So throw some OMG-weiners and WTF-burgers on the grill, crack open a nice cold can of STFU and pull up a chair!

Poll #1359752 LJ Idol, Season Five – Week Twenty-Two: Achilles Heel
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


See also my homegame entry: Dream Home

   As before, the standard of recommendations is not "what entries are well written enough that someone with a feeling of civic duty to vote for meritious idol entries will be impressed" but rather "what entries are good enough that the uninterested blog bystander (blogstander?) will find it a worthwhile read?" These two things are very different standards
   Every week idolists like to fall over themselves going on about how great EVERYONE was and its so hard to decide who NOT to vote for. I'll give it to you straight, I have the opposite problem. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of really great entries. If this was short story idol I'd be falling over myself to recommend Darkprism's entry. And on pure merit I think Alexpgp's entry is, as always, flawless -- but I can't honestly tell the uninterested reader that there's enough of interest to them in it to make it worth my recommending it to them (but if you're even slightly less than entirely uninterested, it really is a good entry).
   Basically, if you're bored and want to read some good entries, there are indeed a number of good entries. But you have to be in the mood for something more than five pages or an entry that might not interest you personally but is written impressively well.

   But I can recommend...
1. superhappytime's entry: The Best Thing...

Weekly Drama-Que
   Okay. I was wrong. I spoke too soon. I'll admit it.
   Last week I noted that there had heretofore been no drama of any note. Almost immediately after, shit started to go down.

   Someone posted on sf_drama urging people to vote for everyone but RM. And apparently readers of the community did indeed take the advice, and everyone else in idol rocketed up past rm. What's more, a lot of the SF Drama commenters seemed to recognize and dislike her from past dramatic episodes.
   Since then there has been some kvetching about what a deplorable occurance this was. I disagree.
   When feeling criticized, rm frequently notes that she believes people don't like her because she has a huge friends list that votes for her, and that this is fair (and the dislike unfounded) because her huge friends list really is only representative of that a lot of people outside of Idol like her writing. I completely agree with this sentiment (it helps that I have 451 friends-of so that reasoning allows me to feel awesome myself). However I disagree with the first part: in "why I don't like RM" I haven't really heard "because she has a big friends list that votes for her."
   But just like its totally fair for people to bring in people who like their writing outside idol to come vote for them, the flip side of that exact same coin is that it follows then that its totally fair for people who DISLIKE someone based on their writing outside idol to vote against them. Writing, or behaviour, apparently, and I think that's entirely legitimate. Apparently rm managed to make herself disliked by a large portion of the blogosphere by her past actions.
   One thing I've enjoyed about LJ Idol is all the existential discussions that it's caused people to have about what makes good writing, what deserves to be voted for. Really everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think most people vote for writing that looks like any kind of good writing. As I've noted, I look for writing that would appeal to the casual reader of blogs -- I believe awareness of audience is fundamentally important. I think if "LJ Idol" aspires to be more than just a small backwater community, if it aspires to actually be, literally, LJ Idol, it is important that votes ARE allowed to be effected by people's influence (positive or negative) outside of the community itself. Additionally, being a citizen of the blogosphere is more than just being a good writer, and if someone has made enemies through a previous reign of banning/deletion/freezing-of-comments terror, I think thats a wholly legitimate reason to vote against them.

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