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LJ Idol Recommendations

   LJ Idol is still trucking along, now down to only eight contestants.
   At this point they are (nearly) all excellent entries, but there was one in particular which stuck out to me as one I would want to recommend to others.
   It just so happens that this one entry is also at the present moment in LAST place (not counting darkprism who has immunity this round and I'm assuming people therefore ceased voting for her)!!
   The entry to which I refer is alycewilson's Your Robot Buddy and You. Notwithstanding that if she doesn't get eliminated this week someone else I potentially like will be eliminated instead, in my opinion her entry is the least deserving of elimination this week. So I encourage you to vote for it in the poll below. As always I encourage you to read the others and make your own decisions on them if you have the time. But lacking time for own decisions I encourage you to vote as I say :D

(Two are being eliminated this week. DP has immunity)

Poll #1367218 LJ Idol, Season Five – Week Twenty-Five: Stuck With the Luddites Again
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


(Also my "homegame" entry: The Perils of the Economy of Plenty)

Unrelated Picture of hte Day

Sundial Bridge, Redding, California
(I was tempted to blast you all with the full size version)

In other news someone anonymously gave me three more months of paid account (since in an ironic coincidence of timing, that which Stacey had gifted me just expired). Thanks anonymous! (=
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