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Music Post!

   Now if you pay any attention to the "current music" which I occasionally bother to fill out, you may have some idea of my musical taste. And you will know it prominantly includes things such as Flogging Molly, Against Me!, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Tiger Army, Necromantix, etc. Punk and psychobilly, basically.
   There are of course a wider variety of bands I really like, such as Placebo, Planet Smashers, Cake, Ima Robot, Stellastarr, the Weakerthans, Hefner, etc.
   I even have a soft spot for songs like this (though I think the recording I have is better quality than that), and this, by Tegan & Sara.

   And kind of like that, I am currently enthralled by this song by Lily Allen:

   I love the style of it. What would you call that? Its blue grass esque (I think ?) but is there a more accurate/specific word?

   Also, I like how the one guitarist is positioned right behind her and seems to have kind of a wtf expression on his face (esp at 3:25), subtley making him seem to represent the subject of the song I think.

   Anyway if anyone could recommend to me any songs that sound similar to the above-embedded, or songs/bands you'd think I'd like based on the bands I've mentioned liking here, I'd always appreciate it. (=

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