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   I wrote this entire entry and then when I was literally seconds from posting it my browser crashed (and for some reason doesn't autosave). I absolutely loathe writing the same entry twice so I'm just gonna try to pound this thing out now. ): On the bright side it finally motivated me to upgrade to Firefox 3.0 (had been using 1.0, which I'm told is stone age by now)

LJ Shootout
   So I got a lot of positive feedback about my idea for an LJ Idol style event dedicated to photography. I'm thinking of launching it in the second or third week of July (got to recover from June's 30 in 30 first!)
   [Previously there were several paragraphs of discussion of the concept here but I really don't feel like writing it again]. For a name I'm thinking "LJ Shootout", but other ideas are welcome.
   [blah blah blah I miss what I wrote here the first time but really don't feel like rewriting it. Yes I'm still bitter.]

Picture of the Day

I've used this picture before, but yesterday everyone was talking about how cute bumblebees are so I thought I'd use it again.

Best Picture Evar?
   For the final project for the photo class we need to get a picture printed out 8x10 or bigger. It appears we can use any picture we've taken. So which to use?
   If there were any pictures I posted here you particularly liked / would think would be a good one to have printed, please advise!
   Or you could be an overachiever and review my set of what I feel are my best pictures on flickr and choose from there. (: [and it was in getting that last link that my browser crashed last time, that's how close to done with the entry I was!! ): ]
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