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Music: Youtube Playlist Discoveries

   This weekend I discovered there are playlists on youtube. Consequently I've been listening to other people's playlists all weekend and discovering much awesome new (to me) music.

   Here are some of my discoveries:

The Quakes - I Miss You
Nekromantix - Subculture Girl
Motormark - Note to Self

Deadbolt - One Day I Will Kill You
Deadbolt - Last Time I Saw Cole
Deadbolt - Truck Driving SOB
Deadbolt - Voodoo Trucker
Deadbolt - Mrs Valdez
(Basically I think it's safe to say I like Deadbolt in general)

The Creepshow - The Garden
The Creepshow - Halloween
The Creepshow - You'll Come Crawling

Eddie Meduza - Rockabilly Rebel

Client - Here and Now (rather different from the rest I've linked here I think)

Hotrod Frankie - Arising From My Grave
Hotrod Frankie - Parts From Which I'm Made
and my favourite:
(Hotrod Frankie - Alone in the Woods)
Which is of course about frankenstein (which Stacey tells me is actually a very good book, and I'm thinking of reading it next chance I get).

   I'm not very good at finding songs (in downloadable mp3 form) on the computer-internets, and thus far have only succeeded in getting 13.1% o the Hotrod Frankie album and 12.1% of the Deadbolt album. d:

Kris' Photos Idol
   Since no one is on LJ on the weekend (after Sat morning), you all may have missed my previous entry, but I need to select one of my photos to print out in 8 x 10 or more. I've narrowed down potential candidates here. Any feedback to help me decide which one to go with would be appreciated.

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