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Gratuitous Vacation 2009

   Leaving here in a few hours for New York City (Brooklyn -- land of boxes of rain!). Will be there until Thursday.
   Thursday (the 14th), my friend Kerri and I are flying to Barcelona. We'll lurk around there until the 21st, and then we take the train to Zaragoza* until the 25th. Back to Barcelona and from there back to New York on the 26th. Returning to Southern California on the 30th.
   Also hopefully during one of the New York portions I'll be able to rent a car (I hear they have "zip cars" like in SF that are easy to rent?) and convey myself up to Rochester, NY. It's an eight hour drive but it's pleasant, and while I'm over there it seems like a small price to pay to see relatives I often don't see for years.

   * it's got nothing to do with why we chose to go to Zaragoza, but I find it amusing that the one location in continental Europe I set an entry in for LJ Idol is Zaragoza and now I'm going there.

Picture of the Day

Kerri, wearing my jaunty cap in a Flagstaff train station
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