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   Third entry this morning? Okay so I don't like packing and am prone to procrastinate.

   But seriously, I recently discovered (warning: addictive!) and I had to (A) tell you all how hilarious it is and (B) share some of the more hilarious entries.

   Basically it's pretty self explanatory: people post hilarious texts they got from their drunk friends the night before. They are to be preceded by the originating area code.

Highlights - Again for you bastards who I know are just skimming through LJ, these are not from MY friends ... though I got some from Mark I should put up...

(305): Imagine two people making love on top of a unicorn . . . my life is the opposite of that.

(717): I am in a vortex of obligation.

(612): you guys were way drunker than both of me

(504): i'm trying to reconcile what i did last night with who i am as a person.

(909): I'm not looking forward to the waking up early part. Or actually the wedding part. Or the reception part. But I am looking forward to the meaningless sex with some random guy I meet at the reception part.

(918): Just saw a policeman use his lights to go through a red light only to turn them off and go to Sonic...

(902): and then I told her I was too drunk. She started to cry, and told me this always happens to her and that she thinks shes ugly. I pretended I was asleep and then she farted.

(789): If you could channel this insane talent for stalking you'd be a great weapon for this country. If you had a crush on Bin Ladin, guaranteed he'd be found, monitered and tagged within five days.

And this one is dedicated to superhappytime:
(321): Laying in bed naked with the guy I just fucked, talking to his WIFE who's sitting across from us like we're having a fucking tea party. This is interesting.

Tags: procrastination, textmessages
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