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30 in 30 VI

   Hello all. Just got back home this evening. More on the trip in the coming days. Also I have 406 photographs to digest. (:

   Interesting fact: I brought my laptop ... but forgot the power cable. ):

30 in 30
   Anyway I wanted to post about 30 in 30 today before I called it a night. Season Six begins tomorrow. The basic idea is extremely simple. You make an entry a day for all thirty days of June. Many have found it is more easily said than done!
   Generally speaking, unlike say LJ Idol, historically people have not used short stories so much as made actual blog entry style entries. Ie humorous essays or rants or what have you.

   Anyway, more info here

   Just let me know if you're joining us this season and I'll probably post a list on arrrghonaut for this year or some such.

   And now, since its about 3am in New York, which is what I'm accustomed to at the moment, I'm gonna hit the hay!

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