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My Forthcoming Arranged Marriage

(5:46:50 PM) comocazyjew: oh you have to pretend to be someones husband in egypt.
(5:47:24 PM) comocazyjew: atleast on the busses and what nots.
(5:48:03 PM) snail of DEATH: what? I thought only the girls had to pretend to be married
(5:48:11 PM) snail of DEATH: who am I gonna pretend to be married to??
(5:48:45 PM) comocazyjew: well she will be pretend married to you. Tanga, a cute big boob black chick.
(5:49:01 PM) snail of DEATH: hmm pix asap
(5:50:52 PM) comocazyjew: hmm dont have any now but will get you some.
(5:52:10 PM) snail of DEATH: dammit I want to know if my wife is hot!
(5:52:13 PM) snail of DEATH: who's mark married to?
(5:52:26 PM) comocazyjew: no wone he is a Free man
(5:52:31 PM) comocazyjew: no one. dammit!
(5:52:51 PM) snail of DEATH: silly
(5:53:06 PM) snail of DEATH: you promise she's cute?
(5:55:13 PM) comocazyjew: yeah. she not ugly. and she a school teacher. has to count for soemthing.
(5:56:23 PM) snail of DEATH: hmmmm "not ugly" is not the same as cute!! ):<
(5:56:43 PM) comocazyjew: haha she is cute. let it go.
(5:56:50 PM) snail of DEATH: haha
(5:56:57 PM) snail of DEATH: (:
(5:57:52 PM) comocazyjew: her mother was pissed becouse she thought that her daughter was to be married to a bee keeper. "Dammit you can do better than a Bee Keeper!' said in a black southern sort of way.
(5:58:26 PM) snail of DEATH: O:!!
(5:58:29 PM) snail of DEATH: harumph!
(5:58:33 PM) snail of DEATH: clearly we are off to a rocky start
(5:58:33 PM) comocazyjew: haha
(5:58:34 PM) snail of DEATH: :D
(5:59:09 PM) comocazyjew: just the way you like it. No fun with out no Drama
Tags: epic middle east trip

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