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17 of 30 - Maps

   Well I've been hanging out all afternoon with amalie_ and her 9 month old son ZOD (well, those are his initials, his first and middle name are Ze'ev Odin). Her husband / ZOD's father is my best friend Aaron, but the Coast Guard said they'd miss him too much if he came up this trip.

   But consequently it is now 11pm and I have an hour to come up with an entry. So I have to choose between my two easy topic ideas of "real life princesses who are hot" or "maps."

   Naturally I have decided to go with maps. So here's a map I drew awhile ago (like a year or two?) of my surrounding area. I'll even put it behind an lj cut

(small version)

For asterixed items see San Diego Outback and Tweedy.

Picture of the Day

From bottling the other day. Which actually reminds me just now that I could blog about that. hmmmm.
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