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June 2006 - emo_snal is created, largely as a prank for 30 in 30 related shenanigans.

June 2007 entries (YTD) friends-of comments per entry
emo_snal 40 108 2.55
emosnail 202 186 (+10) 6.61

June 2008 entries (YTD) friends-of cmmnts/entry (YTD)
emo_snal 57 196 (+88) 6.05
emosnail 206 188 (+2) 4.62

June 2009 entries (YTD) friends-of cmmnts/entry (YTD)
emo_snal 219 483 (+287) 19.25
emosnail 166 210 (+12) 4.97

   If this pattern continues, clearly emo_snal shall takeover the blogosphere this upcoming year.

   emosnail had it's highest ratio of comments per entry in the June 2004 - June 2005 year, with 9.55, and has been on the decline ever since.
   My theory is that emosnail was oriented toward people I knew in real life, and in the years since we've graduated college they've all drifted away from lj, started procrastinating with the newer forms of media such as twitbook, and/or hate me. emo_snal however came to be boldly oriented entirely at the anonymous depths of the blogosphere, and this seems to be a much more viable plan.

Related - (previous fun with statistics)
June 2004 - Blogology IV - A look at the relevance of different blogging related statistics
June 2005 - Statistics Revisited - A second look at the same topic, but now with the first YTD data
June 2005 - Comments / Entry - A closer look at comments per entry
June 2006 - Blogological Statistics III - The tradition continues! More statistics, more average data posted for you to compare yourself to. Also some laughing at certain pretentious bloggers I know who had large losses of friend-ofs in the preceding year. lolz.
July 2007 - Blogological Statistics IV - Indroducing the control group! Irked that my previous sample group was based on 25 ljs I had specifically chosen to look at, I used the random lj finder to rustle up 20 truly random ljs for a more representative look at the state of the blogosphere.
June 2008 - Yearly Stats Snapshot - Just a brief one without much analysis. At this point it's a tradition. (:

Totally Unrelated Picture of the Day

A typical doorway in Zaragoza
(view mammoth version to admire the detail!)
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