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22 of 30 - Jobs

   30 in 30 participant the illustrious whirled posted about previous jobs she's had, and then some others followed suit ... and now I'm gonna have a shake at it!

Previous Jobs

Lifeguard: In high school I worked as a lifeguard at the local waterpark. This isn't quite as hardcore as being a beach lifeguard, but it's not exactly just watching a pool either. People DO try to go out in the wavepools or down slides into 12 ft deep water when they don't know how to swim, and consequently I have made 93 rescues.
   The first time you make a rescue, you about fall over yourself in your mad panic. By the 93rd, you realize it takes even the most determined drowner about 20 seconds to go under and minutes to suffer any actual harm. But moreover, when you're in the moment, 20 seconds is an absolute lifetime. It's enough time to make certain they are drowning (it is rather embarrassing to realize as you're flying through the air that it was only a momentary panic and they are now fine), make a saucy comment to someone nearby, kick off your flip flops, plan the perfect approach, and go for it.
   Pros: I got paid to hang out by pools all day! Making rescues was incredibly exciting and I rather miss it. Also plenty of hot coworkers didn't hurt.
   Con: Pay was just 50 cents over minimum wage. Boo ):

Coffee House Cashier: The Coffee House at University of California Davis was actually more of a cafeteria. Except that word has negative connotations. Really the food was more like restaurant quality. Also apparently it's the largest student run restaurant in the country. Anyway as a cashier I worked the registers and the part that was actually a coffee shop.
   Pros: EVERYONE at Davis goes through the CoHo, so I'd see all my friends all the time, which was awesome. Also they'd schedule work shifts in hour blocks to fit between classes, which was extremely convenient. Also unlimited free coffee O_o
   Cons: I don't even remember how early the early morning shift was, but it was TOO early. Also I had way way too much on my plate at the time.

IHOP Cook: This was totally my rebound from the CoHo. I started at IHOP literally the day after I left the CoHo. The new IHOP hadn't opened yet and was hiring.
   Pros: Since this was a new IHOP that was just opening I got paid for about a month of just training. And though the waitstaff only got a measely 5% discount, we in the kitchen could eat as muuch as we wanted (I'm sure this wasn't officially sanctioned). Mmm I probably ate so much for free there.
   Cons: Work from 5pm till 2am every night while trying to balance school and a million clubs and things was just not working out.

Bee Control Technician: AKA "bee buster." Looking for a summer job I saw a posting for this and thought hey I can do that (my family had previously had beehives so I was already used to bees). I had my mohawk at the time and mum told me "you're probably gonna have to shave that off," to which I responded "are you kidding? If I called the bee busters I'd EXPECT the guy to show up with a peg leg or a hook for a hand!" (I got to keep the mohawk, much to my mother's chagrin)
   Pros: I loved being out in the fresh air (as opposed to some law office jobs I'd already worked) and every hour or so a different place, different situation.
   Cons: Hmm... I guess the main thing is just that it didn't really contribute something to my resume to impress the international relations entities I'd later be applying for. It was often hard hot work (wearing a bee suit on a roof in 100 degree weather is no fun) and sometimes I'd get stung in the face but, you know, whatever. (:

Court / Law Firms: Putting these together to shorten this list. I interned at the local superior courthouse while at university, and have also worked at a number of law firms.
   Pros: Courthouse was fun seeing the inner workings of the courthouse. And I absolutely loved the cute little cafe across the street (the Fat Cat Cafe). Also at the law firms sometimes some really interesting cases would come across my desk.
   Cons: at the Courthouse I was actually doing varied things that required half a brain (initiating case files). Most of the time, however, at law firms they just had me doing mind-numbingly boring stuff such as filing.

Beekeeper: So after college, between stints at law firms (and while I awaited being rejected for lack of experience by all the real jobs I applied for) I was back working for the Bee Busters guy, but now only as a beekeeper. And then I decided I liked it a lot better than photocopying things at law firms.
   Pros: It's fun! It doesn't really feel like work.
   Cons: Low pay, general lack of respect - people acting like I'm totally wasting my life away.


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