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24 of 30 - Next Weekend

   Let's talk about next weekend. What wild plans do you have for next weekend?

   At work on Monday my coworker Amy brought up that the Orange County Beekeeper's Association barbeque. After five minutes of discussion I realized that by "this weekend" she meant the weekend 12 days hence. The weekend I would describe as "the weekend after next."

   Notwithstanding my confusion, I get the impression it is extremely common, around here anyway, to mean the second weekend from now as "next weekend." I've run into this a number of times ... and it makes no sense to me.

   The argument I suppose is that the upcoming weekend is "this weekend," and the following one would then be next. Still though. The definition of "next is "(1) immediately following in time" or "(2) nearest or adjacent in place or position." That sounds to me like it clearly means this upcoming weekend.

   I recalled they had a better way of differentiating the weekends in Ireland, but offhand couldn't recall exactly what it had been, so I emailed my cousin Tim back in the old country. His response was kind of silly so I'm going to repost it:

Nothing too strange this side of the pond. Toppin away as they say. Tryin to get me own bidness goin making music for media/composing that sort of malarky. Am crap at the networking, aint got no work yet, its a damndably small market in Ireland so thank god for business enterprise scheme else id be back to stealing lunch money from the neighbours kids and hunting wild gruffolo. What a random topic to pick up on a four year old reply, I like it. As far as I know next weekend means next weekend, but when people say, 'ill see you saturday week' its means the saturday of the following week.
It sounds like your coworker is a few cards short of a full deck, the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead, and what not.

Whats the craic in orange county? You all finished college? Hows the family? I saw the pics of eric is his PohLeece car and your home distillery, they make quite a contrast, opposite sides of the law, its got the makings of a new HBO show.

Hope all else is well, my regards to mah, pah and two bros

Chin chin old bean

   So yeah, in Ireland the upcoming weekend is "next weekend" and any day of the following week is "Monday week," "Tuesday week," ... "Saturday week."

This Weekend
   On a related note, there's THIS weekend. Is it the one that just occurred or the one that is about to occur? Clearly during, and on Friday, "this weekend" is the one that's occurring presently. Otherwise I think it's a matter of context. Either next weekend can (also) be "this weekend," or if you ask "what did you do this weekend" you're clearly talking about the one immediately past.

   So it depends on if you're talking in past tense. But apparently that can even be unclear. Because I speak with an Irish inflection, sometimes people mistake questions for statements and vice versa. So on a number of occasions I've asked "have a nice weekend?" and gotten the response of "thanks!" d:
   This of course makes me want to hunt them like wild gruffolo.

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