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25 of 30 - Zero Calories!

   Zero calories! Zero carbs! Sugar free!! What IS in this stuff*? I am highly distrustful of anything that is zero calories or sugar free (that should normally have sugar in it). Personally, I take "zero calories" or "sugar free!" as an automatic veto on buying a product. But then again, I'm someone who once saw a headline about how chili cheese fries are one of the worst things you can eat and felt inspired by it to buy them for lunch that day.

   I feel like health food junkies are moving in two completely opposite directions. Organic and [everything]-free. ____-free food is patently "non-organic" -- naturally occurring sugars or calories have been replaced by complicated synthetic formulations engineered to mimic the original. Yet the same people who are religious about getting their organic food will happily put their sugar/calorie/carb-free food-like synthetic in the same re-usable hemp grocery bag with their organic multi-grain bread**.

   And the calories thing. Sure you probably shouldn't be eating 3000 calorie chili cheese fries, being as you're only supposed to eat 2000 calories a day. But you ARE supposed to eat 2000 calories a day so are you really injesting so much material that you have to eat zero calorie foods so it doesn't edge you over that limit? Food is supposed to have calories! If it doesn't.. it's not food!

*(phenylalamine apparently)
** by the way do you know how many cute little furry animals were killed by the grain harvester? a lot. But thank god no one sprayed (organic) pyrethrum on those plants first.

Unrelated Picture of the Day

Here is a boat. That is upside down. And raining.
(Dali Museum)
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