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29 of 30 - For Science!

   As you know, I am extremely dedicated to scientific inquiry. As such, when last christmas a friend gave me a $60 gift card for Beverages & More, I naturally saw the opportunity for science!

   Specifically, I was going to buy as many of those little bottles of whiskey/whisky/scotch as I could and compare and contrast until I felt I knew something about the subject!

   From what I've been able to put together, Scotch IS better (imo), though I'm still extremely suspicious of their lack of an e in "whisky."

Whiskeys I noted to be good: (in appx order)
Glenlivet (single malt scotch)
Glenfiddich (single malt scotch)
Kilbeggan (irish whiskey)
Cutty Sark (blended scotch whisky)
Jameson (irish whiskey)
Dewar's (blended scotch whisky)
Johnnie Walker Black Label (blended scotch whisky)
Johnnie Walker Red LAbel (blended scotch whisky)

Whiskeys I can't decide if I like (in no order, because, yeah)
Chivas Regal (? scotch)
Macallan (single malt scotch)

Bushmills (irish whiskey)
Wild Turkey (bourbon)
Kessler (american blended whiskey)
Jim Beam (bourbon)
Maker's Mark (bourbon)

   Back in college I thought I hated whiskey, but that was because I'd only tried it as shots or "whiskey and coke." Whiskey and coke has always tasted like asphalt to me. The above research was conducted sipping it straight at room temperature.

Experimenting with Controlling Substances
Tags: in the name of science, project 7
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