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Afternoon Endorsements

   I have decided that furzicle's livejournal is seriously underrated. Excellent entries like this one get no comments other than mine (and I foolishly feel that comments are a direct measure of reading and enjoyment). furzicle happens to be my own dear mum, from whom I get my sauciness (I'm not sure I even inherited her full dose of sauce), other than that she is a science teacher at a jewish school (despite the fact we're not jewish) and, you know, other stuff.

   In similar news, wickedsin is having a friending frenzy (or as I like to call them, a friendzy). So you know the drill, go mingle, introduce yourself.

Unrelated Picture of the Day

A photo from Epic Roadtrip 2007 I hadn't previously edited and posted. Somewhere in the midwest.
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