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Sepiatone Madness

   The prompt for ljshootout this week is "monochrome," as in black and white, sepiatone, greyscale, whatever scheme of only one colour you prefer. I happen to have a fondness for sepiatone.
   As the prompt is merely anything monochrome, which is rather broad, I have a fairly large number of pictures to choose from. I haven't quite decided which pictures I'm going to use yet (the deadline is 3pm my time tomorrow/today/Friday).

   And so, on to the pictures!

(1) We could use any picture from up to May 14th, 2009. This happens to include my Spain trip.


Barcelona, Spain
20th May, 2009
(I think this does actually look better than the colour version I originally posted)


Zaragoza, Spain
22nd May, 2009


Hermitage near Montserrat Monastery, Spain
18th May, 2009


OC Fair
22nd July, 2009
(Colour version)


OC Fair
8th August, 2009

(2) And as usual one picture needs to be from this last week. So I need to use one of the following two:


The meadow by the bees
17th August, 2009


Water Hyacinths
19th August, 2009


Way out of range for this, but I took a number of sepiatones I rather liked on March 30th 2005, such as:

Irvine Train Station
30th March, 2005

   I might have to make a second entry with some of my favourites of my even older sepiatone & black and white pictures, there's a number I rather fancy and don't think I've posted here before.
Tags: lj shootout, sepiatone

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