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Cutting Room 4.2

I thought I'd post some my very favourite of my monochrome pictures. These are all from ancient times (1999 & 2001), and the image quality isn't the best since they were originally scanned from prints, uploaded to yahoo photos (which actually wouldn't give me back anything but a very small version until they finally closed down a year or two ago) downloaded again, etc. So I think in all those transfers they suffered a bit.



Castle in Slovakia
May? 1999


Soviet Monument, Bratislava, Slovakia
May? 1999

(More pictures from Slovakia)


Power pylon, Mission Viejo, California

This one I took for my photo class in high school, I think I got a D on it. Notwithstanding Mr Williams' lack of enthusiasm for it, it's one of my very favourite of my pictures. It has been the background on my computer ever since I've had a computer.

Tags: lj shootout

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