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Movie Review: District 9

   I saw the movie District 9 this Saturday, and I rather loved it.

   It had a fair amount of action, excitement and huge cool guns, yet still had an interesting plot that made you think. I loved that it was an action movie with a main character who is a total dork (in the adorable way). Often times when movies try to portray someone as being a "dork" they go way overboard and make them a cartoonish nerd with a pocket protector. In this case however they did a really good job of making him a bit socially awkward without being cheesy about it.

   And of course you know I love movies/stories that explore the inherent inhumanity of mankind.

   Sure there were a few plot holes, but all around I liked the movie enough that I'm going to completely overlook them.

   I think the biggest criticism I have (which you'll notice is pretty insignificant) is that they chose to call the body that is basically the UN the "Multi National Union" or something. Is there really a legal problem using "UN" in movies? If not something closer to the name, "Federation of Nations" would have been better (in that FN looks more like UN than MNU does).

   Remember when "the Nigerian" comments that "I want your arm" and asks "how did you get your arm like that???" Remember also that the government was portraying earlier that he had had sex with one of the aliens? I think it would have been hilaaarious if he had told the Nigerian one had to have sex with an alien for that to happen. Hilarity ensues!

   In conclusion, I give this movie a solid A

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