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LJ Shootout - Topic 7 - Food!!

   Topic this week is food.

   Below the cut, behold the very pinnacle of my awesome powers of chef-ery!

   I will share with you amazing secrets to my amazing recipe as well as delicious photographs of it being prepared AND on a plate in all its glory!!!

There are two important keys here you MUST NEVER FORGET:

(1) accept no substitute for Hebrew Nationals (tm). Unless they are like artisan bratwurst or something, but none of these generic brand hot dogs made from cow sphincter.

(2) NEVER boil hot dogs. This is blasphemy. I don't care if it's 2 below outside or perhaps the middle of a hurricane (or, if you live in California and it is Fall, there is likely a wildfire raging outside your house), it is ALWAYS time to go out and slap some dogs on the grill. Actually, if there is a wildfire raging outside your house, it is then acceptable to forgo the grill and just hold the hot dog out the window.

Less than three hot dogs is never enough, because I <3 hot dogs.

   This picture also illustrates another very important lesson:
(3) Always toast the buns. Preferably just toasted enough to be warm and crispy, but because I fail at cookery (I joke that I can't make toast without burning it, only, its not really a joke) they tend to get a bit darker than I intended.

+ Spicey mustard and three different types of hot sauce from Stone Brewery, really because they sold them in packs of three, I can't decide which one I like best, and I usually eat three dogs so I just put a different sauce on each one to keep up the variety.

Not pictured: these hot dogs being fangoriously devoured and disappearing down my gullet over the course of the next eight minutes.

   In unrelated news, tomorrow I'm going out to sea -- sailing on the tall ship Pilgrim for about 12 hours. (:

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