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Portrait-o-Rama (Cutting Room Submissions VII)

   ljshootout topic this week has been portraits. Even though I don't really like taking portraits, I've built up a few over the years I rather like. The following are, as we say, my cutting room submissions for portrait -- the ones that I can't use because they're out of the time frame.

Kristy, whom I dated for some 58% of the last six years, looking sassy.

My friend Gabi (guabili). I rather like the lighting.

My friend Roxie. Damn I wish I'd used a narrower focus to obscurate the background more.

Roadtrip companion Janelle.

My friend Mark ... proof that I DO sometimes hang out with lads! :D

Kristy again. Yes she is the only one who got non-white borders. It was actually a very specific shade of pink I decided was best for her, though I no longer recall the numbers.

Gabi again. She actually seems to be my best model in terms of ratio to hanging out / getting good portrait-ish pictures. (:

Self Portraits

Kristy & I. This actually taken on a mechanical (ie nondigital) film camera. I set all the settings and then handed it to el roommate. (Kristy is wearing I believe not this ushanka but my nicer one). Picture also available in sepia

Me looking skeptical after the abovementioned Gabi shaved off the mohawk I'd had for about two years.

Beekeepin. Also have this more straightforward me-in-the-bee-suit photo.

Tags: cutting room submissions, lj shootout, portraits
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