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For Italian class today we had the rather morbid homework assignment of writing what we would like our epitaphs to look like (he tried to put a positive spin on it by saying "how you would like to be remembered," but clearly that means epitaph).

If you speak Italian please excuse any egregious errors I have made in translation, its only my third week! Feel free to give me corrections!

I'll admit I shamelessly used google translate to translate words, but hey I made certain I understood every word I was translating so I think it shouldn't be seen as worse than manually flipping through a book.

1. His name is Kris
Il suo chiamo Kris

2. He was a Beekeeper
Era un apicoltore

3. He traveled the world
Lui ha viaggiato il mondo

4. He brewed amazing beer
Lui fermentata sorprendente birra

5. (black like his heart)
(nero come il suo cuore)

6. He distilled amazing brandy
(Lui distillata sorprendente acquavite)*I'd have gone with rum but I couldn't find it in Italian

7. He sailed amazing ships
Lui navigato sorprendente navi

8. He won the Nobel Peace Prize ...
Lui ha vinto il Nobel Premio per la Pace...

9 accident
...per caso

10.Beloved by all, he was almost the first atheist elected pope
Amata da tutti, era quasi l'ateo primo eletto papa *technically I consider myself agnostic, but this made for a more striking sentence

11.He won a Pullitzer Prize ...
Lui ha vinto il Pullitzer Premio...

12....for a blog entry about what he had for lunch
...per una articolo di blog su ciò che aveva per il pranzo

13.His one true love was beef stew
Il suo unico vero amore era stufato di manzo

14.(He really liked beef stew)
Lui piacesse veramente stufato di manzo

15.When he saw death approaching, his last words were "Rude."
Quando ha visto avvicinarsi la morte, le sue ultime parole sono state "rude" *couldn't find "rude" in Italian :[

Unrelated Photo of the Day

Through the rigging!

Speaking of Epitaphs
I've been eliminated from ljshootout. When someone's been eliminated I've posted (in an entry to the community) what I regarded to be their best photo of the contest with a very brief comment about it. Suggestions on which of MY pictures (from LJSO) to use for this would be appreciated (as well as corresponding brief comments).
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